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Architecture that makes you happy | Quartier Shützenstrasse

Colors playing their psychological role

Even if you are not a fan of postmodernism this building will make you smile.  It seems the architect, Aldo Rossi, had fun while designing the facade collage and choosing the vibrant color palette. It's also a good example of a conscious urban intervention in the way it interacts with the public and the tenants.

Color Pallete

It's well known that colors bring energy and passion into a room, and in this case the exterior and interior facades do just that to their surroundings. The mix of colors plays its role of influencing the mood of the users and visitors. 

A mix of primary colors and their main combinations: green, orange and a playful pink, makes the facade create an active, unwinding, yet comforting mood. In the inner patios warmth is created with a combination of yellows and oranges. 

The natural green from the surprisingly packed vegetation adds a soothing and relaxing feeling to the experience. 


Creating dialog with the surroundings makes the space more friendly. The dialog with the exterior is not only with the facade but with the 4 entrances that are always open to the public letting people walk through the patios and green spaces. 

Facade Proportions

On the ground floor different commercial establishments bring movement and interaction with the building. 

The many vertical and rectangular windows express the building's openness as well. 

Separating the facade and making a collage out of windows, columns and beams, creates the impression of different sections of the facade talking to themselves, being at the same time so different but clearly belonging to the same complex. 

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