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Pritzker Architecture Prize Winners | Buildings in Berlin

A compilation of noble architecture in Berlin

See Berlin through the buildings that form part of the legacy from award winning architects. 

A little bit about the Pritzker Prize

As the official website cites, the purpose is:
"To honor a living architect or architects whose built work demonstrates a combination of those qualities of talent, vision and commitment, which has produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity and the built environment through the art of architecture."

Many of the procedures and rewards for the Pritzker Prize are modeled after the Nobel Prize. One of USA's wealthiest families, owner of the Hyatt Hotels among other things and supporter of culture and science, founded the Prize.

The award is officially granted every year during a ceremony at a different location around the world  with architectural significance.

The jury of the Pritzker Architecture Prize is formed by members of the Pritzker family and renowned architects, including past laureates. 

A tour of award winning architecture in Berlin

The list of the Pritzker Architecture Prize has now 37 winners and we are taking it as a starting point for an architectural tour,  and therefore letting us find out how many laureates have a built project in this ever-changing city of Berlin.

Many of these architects -if not all- have become "Starchitects" with notable buildings all around the world.  We are focusing in one city's buildings designed by winners of the most prestigious prize in architecture is that they were designed in many different stages of the architects' careers, but in key moments of Berlin's urban and architectural development. It is interesting to see how these master architects' buildings have adapted, changed and responded to the users' lives. 

As the ideology of this particular award is to honor a trajectory of work as opposed to a specific project, it's interesting to see in which moment of their careers these architects left a mark in Berlin.

Some projects were the architect's first ever built design, others where their last. In some cases their "trade mark" style is already very evident. Some buildings adapt to existing patterns and others came to mark a new layout.

This is a list of the architect's names and nationalities that represent the work of many people put into one building that is part of Berlin's urban landscape.

Philip Johnson, USA
James Stirling, United Kingdom
I. M. Pei, USA and China
Hans Hollein, Austria
Gottfried Böhm, Germany
Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil
Frank Gehry, USA and Canada
Aldo Rossi, Italy
Alvaro Siza Vieira, Portugal
Christian de Portzamparc, France
Rafael Moneo, Spain
Renzo Piano, Italy
Norman Foster, United Kingdom
Rem Koolhaas, The Netherlands
Zaha Hadid, United Kingdom and Iraq
Richard Rogers, United Kingdom
Jean Nouvel, France

It would have been great to add Peter Zumthor and SANAA to the list, but Zumthor's unfinished work for the Topography of Terrors was demolished and SANAA's design hasn't been built for the Bauhaus Archive's extension.

And here is a sneak peek of 5 buildings that you will probably recognize, they form part of the legacy of the world's most prestigious architecture award winners.

Do you know where to find them in Berlin and to whom they belong?

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