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Embassy Netherlands


Situated among other embassies and the Spree River, the design of Rotterdam's controversial and contemporary-avant-gard architect Rem Koolhaas responded with the concept of "Contextualized Solitude".


  • Complexity and unconventionality can be seen from every perspective.
  • Its "passage" layout (there are no floors) with 24 levels connected by ramps inside the main glass building responds to the sequence of activities and rooms inside.
  • The ambassador's study room overhangs with a free view across the Spree River.


  • Designed by OMA Office of Metropolitan Architecture (Rotterdam). Engineering: De Weger Ingenieurs- en Architectenbureau B.V., Huygen Elwako Raadgevende Ingenieurs B.V., Ove Arup & Partners (Berlin)
  • Constructed between 2000 and 2004

  • Klosterstraße 50, 10179 Berlin, Germany

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Embassy Netherlands