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Jewish Museum


The extension of the Jewish Museum was designed by Arch. Daniel Libeskind and opened in 2001, making it one of Europe's biggest Jewish Museums.

The concept of the design manages to create a whole range of emotions on the visitors. The zigzag shaped building takes form from several concepts and inspirations. 3 axes or corridors represent the Holocaust, the Exile and Continuity of German history.  Along the zinc facade irregular shaped windows are reminiscent to the Star of David. 

The tower, a 24m tall empty space, emphasizes the bare and crude reality. The Garden of Exile is the culmination of the Exile Axis and the "Memory Void" of 20m tall is accessible only by stepping on 10,000 steel faces.

"Unusual architectural solution, narrowing corridors causing discomfort, cold interiors, metal labyrinth form with no way out.. a perfect allegory for the fate of the oppressed nation." -Alicja, Transport Manager.

Photography by Alicja

  • Lindenstraße 9, 10969 Berlin, Germany

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Jewish Museum