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Jüdische Mädchenschule


Berlin's first Jewish School for Girls (Jüdische Mädchenschule) officially moved to this building in 1930. The design of Arch. Alexander Beer was focused on functionality before aesthetics. A Industrial-Art Nouveau and early Bauhaus style can be seen in the building's volumes, materials and facades. 

It was closed, along with all other jewish schools, in 1942 to function as a military hospital until the end of WWII. After the war, while belonging to the Soviet sector, in 1947 the school reopened but had to close again in 1996. 

In 2006, after ten years of abandonment, the 4th Berlin Biennale and an exhibition marking the 100th birthday of political theorist Hannah Arendt were held in the school's building. 

Until 2009 the complex was officially returned to the Jewish Community. The role of the refurbished building is to honor the past and become part of Berlin's creative future combining history, art and gastronomy. 

Galleries in the Jüdische Mädchenschule:
  • Michael Fuchs 
  • CWC
  • Eighen+Art Lab
(and the JFK Museum)


  • The original distribution and facades are almost intactly kept. 
  • The history of the building gives a special feeling to the spaces, the building is a reminder and mix of difficult and joyful times. 

General Information

  • General opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm


  • Designed by Arch. Alexander Beer in 1927-28
  • Refurbished by Grüntuch Ernst Architects
  • Auguststraße 11, 10117 Berlin, Germany

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Jüdische Mädchenschule