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Kollhof Turm


It is one of the 19 buildings designed for the new Potsdamer Platz district by the international team of architects, headed by Renzo Piano. A tower itself, it stands tall between Renzo Piano's residential building tower and Helmut Jahn's Deutsche Bahn glass facade high-rises, but with a very different look.


  • Its design reminds a neo-Brick Gothic cathedral characteristic to northern European countries.
  • A step-like facade of dark peat-fired bricks tapers to a slender peak.
  • The broad lower wings' roof are green, they decent and help the tall building blend among the lower heighbors.


  • Designed by Arch. Hans Kollhoff and Helga Timmermann
  • Constructed between 1995 and 1999
  • 25 stories high
  • Potsdamer Platz 1, 10785 Berlin, Germany

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Kollhof Turm