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Markthalle Neun


Officially opened in 1891, and part of a 14 markets project, this hall has been witness to several ups and downs. 
During WWII it was destroyed, until in 1951 it came to life again with small merchants. 
During the 70's and all the way through 2003 the market was becoming an unwelcoming place, and then the idea of the "market for all" came along. 
Now, it is an open market for enjoying very diverse culinary delicatessen. The industrial structure painted n light green gives a special retro-vintage feeling to the whole experience. 

"If you are more of an international foodie, like me, make sure to drop by the Markthalle Neun for their Street Food Thursdays. There you will find everything from New Zealand meat pies, to slow cooked deer meat, Venezuelan arepas, Argentinian empanadas and even some Korean kimchi." 
-Maritza Bonano, Innovation Strategist.
  • Eisenbahnstraße 42, 10997 Berlin, Germany

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Markthalle Neun