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The Mauerpark or "Wall Park" in english is a public linear park that takes its name from the former Berlin Wall that used to cross in this area creating the "Death Strip". There is a 30m strip of the Berlin Wall kept as a monument and where graffiti artists display their work.

It is currently used as a place for relaxing in the green areas, singing at the Bearpit Karaoke Show and shopping -or just looking- at the already favorite among locals and visitors: the Flea Market, where vintage clothes, furniture and antiques can be found through out the year. 

Originally, it was the location of the Old Northern Railway Station during the 19th and 20th Centuries. Then it became a street, and was closed in 1961. From these two reasons the area of the park extends in a linear shape and the remains of the railroad tracks can still be seen in some areas.

The design

It was designed as a public green space in 1990 by the local residents of the Berlin area of Prenzlauer Berg. One part of the park belonged to the East and the other part to the West, until now there is still a division that can't be really notices between the park and the flea market. 

The renovation includes the section of the former border strip running from Behmstrasse to Bernauer Strasse, and on July 2013 two more hectares joined the park area. 

It is located between the areas of Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding, close to other Wall memorials.

The space consists of 11,000 m2.


It is open daily and free for visitors. The best time to go is on Sundays and during the Summer.

Don't miss the Karaoke and the Flea Market on Sundays. 

Nearby you can find the Berlin Wall Memorial and the Visitors Center at Bernauer Straße 111-119.

  • Gleimstraße 55, 10437 Berlin, Germany

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