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Project: Alma Sana


The Keynote presentation of the event is "Social Entrepreneurship - Women as Changemakers", presented by the president and founder of Alma Sana, Lauren Braun. Lauren came up with the idea during her summer 2009 internship in Cusco, Peru. 

The Idea

Increase immunization rates among underdeveloped and resource-poor communities by giving mothers a reminder bracelet. The child wears a bracelet that reminds the mother of her child's immunization status and appointments. 

The Dream

"That all children will live beyond their fifth birthday," which marks the end of the most vulnerable stage of life. To give mothers the opportunity and the means to prevent their children from acquiring and dying from vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Presenter

Lauren Braun graduated from Cornell University in 2011 with a B.S. in Human Development and two minors in Inequality and Global Health. She has been working full time on this project since November 2012 when she was awarded a Gates Foundation grant for Alma Sana. She was recently nominated for Forbes Magazine's "30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs" 2014, and she has been invited to present her project at numerous national and international business and innovation events including through a TED talk at TEDxCornellU last fall.

From the project's website

"Alma Sana is a social enterprise aimed at reducing health inequalities among populations by increasing immunization coverage in resource-poor areas worldwide. Alma Sana believes in achieving this goal through involvement, education, and empowerment of local populations and through partnership with multisectoral healthcare professionals and advocates in developing and developed countries. Alma Sana also strives to establish equitable relationship with the countries' local charities, government entities, and healthcare systems in an effort to collectively improve the well-being and lives of the people it serves."

ArtisKunst wants to thank Lauren Braun for providing information and images to complement this article. 

General Information

Project's Focus: Childhood Vaccinations

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Project: Alma Sana